Playing The Victim

“I’m not “playing the victim” when a teacher asks why my mother’s information isn’t filled out on the forms or … More

Short Stories

I’ve decided I should open up my next phase, or chapter, if you will, of this blog. I (of course) … More


Equality is no longer needed as a term, because it is a given Cancer is unknown and will cease to … More

Dear 8 y/o Arden,

Life is simple and everything is grand. I know how much you love your Littlest Pet Shops and Webkinz. You … More

Oh, What A Year

HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY TO EXTRARDENARY Everyone, take a piece of “my” (found on google images; cake goals) Book Cake, … More


There are poems within you the world can’t handle. There are phases of the moon your heart hurts to watch … More

Raw Souls

I feel like the rawest, purest parts of our souls are revealed when we least expect it. It’s not something … More

Letters To Past Me

For this post, I decided to explore other people’s styles of writing, as well as others points of view. I … More


I am human. Just because a use a different hand or walk a different pattern doesn’t make me any less. … More


Her name was Arden. She resembled the typical high school student, trying to find an identity of her own but … More


It’s been a full year, now. This photo was the last one ever taken of us. It was snapped by … More


For some, Comfort lies within the love of others And knowing they aren’t alone. Knowing life goes on And there … More

A Song without a Tune

She seems so simply strong but they don’t see what’s inside because all along they’ve been wrong no one’s on … More

To Dance

My heart is pounding in my throat as I run to take my place in the backstage wing. Shoving and … More

Waiting For Mama

I’ve been waiting for so long for you to come home. 8 months to be exact. I have been as … More


First, imagine meeting someone new, completly unknown to you. Then you get to know all of their little perks and … More

On John Green

I have heard a lot of opinions on John Green’s writing from several different perspectives. I personally have read all … More


I feel like when I was born, I excitedly waded into the ocean. It’s beautiful waves And the gentle blues … More


There are moments in my life where I feel deep down in the pit of my soul, that I feel … More


I’m laying here. I know my moments are few, And I wish they weren’t. I finally have a family. Two … More


Who am I? Where do I begin? Where do I end? These are questions I ask myself, And that you … More