It’s been 2 years without you, now. 730 days and I still miss you the same. I still would do … More

Freedom in Chaos

“I know storms end in peace and rain showers create rainbows. I know diamonds are formed from the hardest, most … More


   The first time watching Tangled, the animated Disney film about Rapunzel, I noticed the resemblance between young Rapunzel to … More

Self Love

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She said “I love you” too often Because she grew up in a house where those were your first words … More


That night changed everything. That cold air will never leave my lungs, But will never enter yours. There is a … More

Behind Closed Curtains

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This, I Believe

I used to think we lived without a purpose. We all live, and we all eventually die, thinking our goal … More

On School

I, since the day I was born, am Mary Arden Stockdell-Giesler. My parents decided to call me Arden, and when … More