We all start as a clean slate, an empty canvas. As we move through life, there are things, events, people, … More


It’s been 2 years without you, now. 730 days and I still miss you the same. I still would do … More


Virtually It was just a few megapixels on a screen. Just a few little words and links and suggestions. Nothing … More

Freedom in Chaos

“I know storms end in peace and rain showers create rainbows. I know diamonds are formed from the hardest, most … More

Self Love

Within the past few months, I’ve become so much more accepting of myself and I am so thankful and proud … More

Traces Of You

You are the blissful melody the birds sing outside my window on crisp Sunday mornings. You are the gentle Autumn … More


She said “I love you” too often Because she grew up in a house where those were your first words … More

You Aren’t Nothing 

I see it in you everyday; the subconscious shirt tugging, the nagging insecurity. I see the battle and horrid thoughts … More