Porcelain Prose is written and maintained by Arden Stockdell-Giesler, a 20 year old poet studying creative writing in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been publishing her work on Porcelain Prose since 2014, her genres primarily staying between creative nonfiction and poetry.


Instagram – @ardenstockdellgiesler

Email – arden.sg@gmail.com



  1. I feel as if I am reading your mother’s writing when I read your blog, but you add your own flair, too. You have such a gift; glad you are writing!!

    1. I love you. My sweetest, brightest, beautiful Arden. You are an amazing woman with a strong voice. But forgive me if I wish you’d stop growing up!!!! I love you sunshine, more than words can say.

  2. Love your posts sooooo much !!!! Quite the writer and very inspiring!!! I have to say my jaw dropped reading that you were a teenager writing this amazing work!😉💐👏

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