warm things.

new shoes. “I’m proud of you.” time taken to ask. quiet company. sleeptalk. clean sheets after a shower. showers. warm showers. custom playlists. perfect playlists. performance. alliteration. reading. writing. learning. remembering little details of insignificance. green. forest green. green tea with lemon. green tea with ginger. house shows. inside jokes. unnecessary but welcome touch. homemade dinners. weighted blankets. unselfish compassion. coffee. falling asleep on phone calls. illogical nicknames. new books. used books. effective symbolism. smooth ink in new pens.  frozen grapes. veggie burgers. Times New Roman. banter. mountainside kisses. chickpeas. picnics on parkways. screaming on parkways. constellations. patience. reciprocity. satin. Floridian sand. Carolinian clay. disposable film. road trips. handwriting. handwritten letters. poetry.  “This reminded me of you.” red pepper hummus. rice. sourdough bread. oil paintings. odd socks. clean hair. impulsive and self-revolutionary haircuts. filled journals. finished lists.

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