On New Names

To begin, thank you.

If you’ve been reading this page for 6 years, 6 months, or 6 minutes, thank you. I began this blog as a place to keep track of my mind–an online time capsule–and it quickly became bigger than that, bigger than me. My writing stopped being about my life and became a part of yours, a shared dialogue from one tongue. The poetry I wrote in 2:00 AM kitchen light turned into your 2:00 PM coffee shop reading. The prose I created from my inability to speak turned into your artwork, some of which now lines my walls. Your continuous messages and support have turned this digital diary to a career path, a passion turned pursuit.

With that said, I’ve stepped into a new section of my life and want this blog to reflect that. After much thought and internal debate, I’ve decided to change the web address. As of September 10th, extrardenary.com will become porcelainprose.com .

More excited than I care to admit and likely not as apprehensive as I should be, I’m more confident in this change than I’ve felt in anything in months. Though simply a brand shift, this feels far more like a coming-through of a new identity. It feels holistic and true, good and right.

I hope this barely-autumn feels as freeing to you.

Best and always love,


1 Comment

  1. I have loved and enjoyed reading all of your writings! I’ve laughed and cried with you and watched you grow to become an extraordinary young woman! I am so proud of you ; and, we all know how proud your mom is as she watches over you! Wishes you a bright future and continued success as a writer! ❤️

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