Growing, Continued.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is look myself in the eyes and admit I deserve more than I’m being shown,

by myself and those around me.

My body deserves full, sufficient meals

and my mind has a right to clarity.

Decency and patience are not luxuries —

they should be expected by those who consider themselves close.

Half-love isn’t a fair exchange for my full attention

and my heart is worth more than “sometimes”.

I am carved of marble and drapped in silk,

a sister to Athena and kin to Apollo.

My mind is as much a temple as my body

and both should be cherished,



I must demand more for myself and learn to protest injustices against my mind.

Though I am merely human,

I am made from the same atoms of which compose constellations,

stars whose light died long ago but still beams vivaciously down onto Earth.

I have a right to the space I occupy and air I consume

and I will strike a match to each idea less than that.

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