Before You

Others have sat in this seat before you.

Some with the same name

some with similar minds

some with the same avocation

but none with the same eyes.

You are not the first to hold me closely,

to replace my name with sweet nothings.

Different fingers have been laced in mine

and traced constellations in my mind

But you are the first to ask before a kiss

to hold my frightened heart and ease the panic with just a breath.

My name has danced along other’s minds

and been the hook in handwritten songs

but never has it had the same connotation as it does when coming from your lips.

I didn’t believe there was a new way to feel this.

I had been convinced that every lover coming after would simply be a mock image and attempt of what preceded it

but none of those past ghosts haunt me any longer,

not when I’m with you.

I find myself wading in your eyes and I feel safe,

safely surrounded by you and all that the world is when we are together.

Although you are not the first to sit in this seat,

your name will certainly be carved in.

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