Emotional Sensations

I can feel it.

I can already feel it and I’m scared.

I can feel the sun from your eyes warming my skin after months of being frozen over.

I can feel my heart start to rush into melody every time I hear your name.

I can feel my hands always searching for yours, even when you are miles and miles away.

I can feel my cheeks redden and tighten and my dimples emerge with just the thought of you.

I can feel tears, beautiful tears of the purest bliss when I look into your eyes and see everything you are and all the truth you have given.

I lay here in my bed now with my eyes welling up, all simply because of you.

The thought of you

Of you caring for me

Of me deserving this

Of this being real

Of reality being lasting

Of the last being this.

I never believed I would feel this way again,

that I had the right to

but you and your stupid beautiful blue eyes came into my life and have somehow healed what even the moon never could.

You have taken a broken record and have sealed it with gold.

I feel like I can breathe now and with you by my side,

I want to.

I can feel myself falling in love with you and I’m unable to tell if I’ve already fallen and I am scared

but as long as you’re by my side

I’m ready.

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