Liquid Love

I have so much love within me

so much luminous love and sometimes, I find it overflowing and spilling into the wrong hands.

I don’t intend for it to

but once it does,

once it’s floating someone’s palm

it stays there until they let it slip through their fingers.

Even then, fragments of my love remains.

it stays on their fingertips

and sliding down their wrists

little beads of emotion hanging on,

refusing to give in to gravity.

Residue of the most beautiful part of myself remains on those who often don’t deserve it

but who am I to blame them if they don’t cherish it?

They never asked for it to be poured onto them

for their hands to be drenched in some love they never saw coming.

I cannot blame myself either, though.

This raw emotion, this beautiful appreciation for life and others is a gift.

To shut it away and deny it of the light would be criminal.

I will continue to drench myself and those close to me in this watercolor light until I find it’s source has been depleted

and I have an instinct that it’s infinite.



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