Maybe Meant To Be, But Not To Last.

Our lives are full of turning points, and sometimes those turning points happen have two eyes and a name.

Some people are meant to be together, just not forever. Temporary people are no less significant than those who we find to be permanent. While they do eventually find a parting way in our timelines, they leave us with a collection of memories and playlists we can find permanently resting in the worn corner of our back pocket. Be them good or bad, the colors experienced with people shape us into who we continue to grow into. A person may leave you coated in charcoal or delicately drenched in watercolor, but you must find a way to rinse yourself clean and find your own shade. We must realize that some people are simply lessons, meant to give you beautiful moments and to show you a variety of things: what you deserve, what you don’t, what you expect of others, what others expect of you, and how to grow. You cannot force the sun to stay when it’s time for it to lay it’s head to rest.

Just because two people change doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t meant to happen, that it wasn’t completely marvelous and profound for the time it was alive. Things stick around until we have learned what we need to.


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