Sitting in the passenger seat as you leaned over the middle console, serenading me between kisses, promising to share our lives for the next ten minutes. I could feel a smile spread across your face, your cheeks turning upwards against mine. Every constellation was watching us with marvelous envy, wishing desperately they could be as remarkable as us.  We connect and nothing else matters. The rest of the world blurs and falls away when my hand meets yours. I could swim in your eyes and never grow tired. Endless pools of cinnamon wonder and liquid curiosity, revolving beneath those raven lashes. Familiar mystery materializes itself in the form of your eyes and I realize you are some sort of nepenthe. You are some sort of source of complete bliss and the loss of memory of everything before you. You are completely enchanting and I lose track of every other allegiance or past responsibility when our eyes meet, but I don’t mind. When it comes to you, and only you,  I don’t mind.

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