Always Beside You

You will find me swimming in your mid afternoon coffee and gently staining your upper lip.

I’m the string on your guitar that keeps going just slightly out of tune, and only so much to make you laugh and tune me right back up .

I will be the single snowflake falling perfectly onto your tongue and the ones dancing on your eyelids.

I will be the song that comes on in the radio that you’ve been dying to hear for days so you roll the windows down and belt my indie alternative lyrics.

I am tucked inside the cuffed sleeve of your old blue flannel, waiting for you to unfold and hold me in your hand.

You can find me when you look out your window, scattered and laying upon the late night constellations.

I am your shadow, walking in rhythmic time beside you.

I’m looped in each “a” you write in your journal, on your paper, on your skin.

I am always beside you, love.

You simply have to look.


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