Ever since you stepped off my doorstep and boarded the plane,

I’ve found myself subconsciously wishing each one passing overhead is one holding you

brining you back home to me.

It’s only been four days and it feels like weeks.

I spend each hour finding new ways to miss you and with each day comes a few more songs onto the “Homesick” playlist I made.

I’m homesick for you

as my home is within your arms.

How am I supposed to handle 25 more days of this?

And then after that

though you won’t be thousands of miles away

I still may go weeks without holding your eyes in mine.

This is so straining and painful for both of us but you are worth it.

A single moment with you is worth even thousands apart.

You are worth everything I have.

All my





Though these miles separating us burn and twist,

it’ worth it.

We are worth it.

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