Headlights passing passing passing

Perched on the overhang of the overpass

with you



Arm wrapped gently around my shoulders holding me close

holding me together.

The tip of the unnoticeably less than full moon begins to radiate through the distant bare trees.

I looked over at you and realized the moon resembled the reflection of my eyes in yours

and the passing cars echoed the sound of our minds whirring at 76 MPH yet simultaneously steady, stable, and still.

The pavement resonated with the sounds of our beating hearts and families travelling through the Carolinas.

We were blanketed in the warm silence of humming engines and rubber on asphalt.

Everything was serene.

Every loose end, every unsolved puzzle piece came together and made sense in those moments.

There was no reality

no time

no responsibilities

nothing but





the faceless passing cars


the rising moon.

Simply existing was finally just that:


It was peace.

I looked over into the constellations you held in your eyes and asked what was swimming around your beautiful mind.

“I just…I can only exist right now.”

“That’s enough for me.”

That will always be enough for me.

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