Mother’s Day, Once More

Sitting here in my room missing you, again. Although, it’s not a sad feeling. It’s one of appreciation and longing. Yes, of course I do still feel empty, like I am lacking you. I am. I am missing the parts of my soul that were connected to yours. They left the same night you did.

Goodness, look at me. I promised myself I wouldn’t make this a sad letter, yet here I am. The screen is blurring because tears are welling in my eyes. I miss you so incredibly much, Mom. It aches.

I am just grateful I had those 14 years with you. I am thankful to have had such a powerful, profound, intelligent, and incredible strong woman as my mother.  I keep pieces of your heart in mine and will continue until I can pass some down to my daughter (whom I am sure will have your eyes).

I hope that wherever you are, you are happy. I hope you are on Sanibel beach holding a cup full of plenty of ice and of Diet Coke.

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