You Kiss In Colors

It was a moment.

A quick,

beautiful moment that can only be described as indescribable.

We had spent the night celebrating our show with our peers

blasting Ed Sheeran and drinking room temperature Coca-Cola.

You walked me up to my door and for the first time in months

I felt safe.

I felt genuinely happy with somebody.

My laughter was real and the silences weren’t tense

they were peaceful and pleasant.

Everything was so simple yet almost unfamiliar.

We eventually got to the door and you pulled me into your arms

I could feel your heartbeat against my head

which I am sure still smelled potently of hairspray.

As I turned to reach for the doorknob

you reached for my hand.

You gently pulled me into you once again

and everything was simple and beautiful and breathtaking.

For the first time in months,

I felt safe with someone.

I felt colors.

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