3 Years Later

I never expected people to care. It was never in my mind that individuals in 30 different countries would have my blog address memorized and be visiting it routinely, that there would be fan art made of my words. All this was to me was writing but now, it has become so much more.

I remember starting this blog, this safe space and vault of my thoughts. I wanted some place to store the tangled tangents that kept getting lost in my silence. This was originally a place I could connect to myself and connect back with my mother, who actually had a blog of her own. Now, it is clear this is so much more than that.

This blog was built from the scraps of an empty healing heart; I was alone and trying to find and connect my way back to something, to anything. I have risen and fallen back down again and again here and you can see it all painted through my words. The last three years of my life are all documented here for all eyes to see. You have seen me go from The Unknown to It Hurts To Think Of December, from a girl unsure she could feel love to a girl basking in the warm feeling of love itself to a girl destroyed by that very love. You were by my side as I have grown up and will continue to be as I enter my adulthood. This is a journey we are on together. We are watching this collection of literature written by a teenage girl blossom into something larger than we can fathom. It is now bigger than me, than us.

This simple blog has become a “beacon of light”, a habitual source of reading material, an insight to the world from another’s life, a feeling of togetherness and that one is not alone, a source of hope. This blog has become so much more than me; it has become us. Without you, without the readers, this would not be what it is.

While my words have provided other’s with much, the support of you has shown me more than I can express. I have felt listened to when the world shut me out. Compassion has been shown to me and warmed my bones when I felt my skin was frozen numb. You have shown me that I matter, I can make a difference. Now, I believe I can fulfill the promise I made my mother; I will change the world for her, even if in the smallest way.

I will never be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done.

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