I understand if we must let things go but please

please do not forget the beauty we held for those years.

Do not dismiss the way we took on the world, just the two of us against everything

or the way neither of us hesitated to support the other.

Always remember the feeling when we laughed until we could no longer breathe

and the walks filled with words of life, loss, love, and everything in between.

Please remember how incredibly profound we were.


This is breaking me, I will not lie.

But I am not angry with you.

I understand you are only doing what is best for you.

Personal health always comes first.

I know you have no intentions to hurt me.

Just please know

there is no jealousy in my heart.

My intentions are and always have been simple:

to make you as happy as you make me

to show you just how much you mean to me, to the world

to support you when you need it

and to grow alongside you.

That’s all I have ever wanted.

I am sorry that wasn’t clear.


When you think of me,

I hope it’s of fondness, not regret.


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