188 Memories And Photographs

I deleted all of our pictures yesterday. 
It was like deleting memories



The times you still loved me.

I went through my phone and one by one deleted each of the 188 photographs of you,

Of us.

188 memories.

I knew I had to do it

I couldn’t avoid it forever.

Those photos couldn’t stay there and continue haunting me.

I need to heal.

I find myself wondering if you have deleted the pictures of me off of your phone

And if you did


If you didn’t

Why not?

I know I’ll never find out the answer to these questions but they still linger around my thoughts.

I kept that video you took of me on my birthday.

You say my simple name and it sounds like artwork coming from your lips.

I know I need to delete it but right now

All I have is that little clip of you speaking, of you saying my name and frankly,

I don’t want to forget that sound.

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