This Year

I am focusing on myself this year.

I have spent my entire life putting others first, not thinking twice. This of course can be a wonderful attribute to ones character, but becomes quite messy when it begins to take a toll on one’s health. I sacrifice myself for anyone over and over and over until there is nothing left of me. My mind has stayed occupied by those around me instead of focusing on myself. This has become such a problem that I avoid focusing on myself, which causes a bit of chaos. The well being of others has become my top only priority. I need to change that.

This year, I am going to make sure I am okay. I am going to do things that make me happy and I am going to treat my mind and body with love (they are the only ones I will ever get. I should cherish them).

This does not mean I will be self centered. That is not what this signifies whatsoever. This means I am going to do what I have needed to do for years; put myself first. I need to realize I am worth more than I allow myself to believe. I need to understand that I deserve happiness and to be loved.

I need see that while I am just 1 out of 7,392 ,156 ,775 people existing on this planet, I am worth the space I occupy.

I will take each of the 365 days and turn each set of 24 hours into something. Sometimes, it’ll be something beautiful, something extraordinary. Other times, it will be disastrous or colossal. I will take each moment and weave it into poetry. I do not expect every day to be good. I know it won’t be that way. I simply expect myself to see the sun, even when I am blinded.

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