I Will Not Lie

I will not lie. I still miss him. I miss the way he’d pull me in, causing me to fall into him. I miss his incredibly beautiful genuine smile that only appeared once in awhile. I long for our car rides with music blasting and beating in time with our hearts. I miss watching him wrestle with his dogs, which he looked so small compared to. I miss feeling like I had a place, always having a seat next to him. I miss my arm never being fully straightened as we held hands because his arms were so much longer. I miss having a hand to hold. I miss feeling his heartbeat against my head he pulled me in or we laid on his floor. I do still miss him.

I know he’s no good for me, though. I know all the relationship ever did was dilute me down into a smaller, sadder version of myself. I know he is no good for me and I am never going back to him.

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