I Am Still That Girl

When we ended,

it wasn’t peaceful.


I am still entirely broken

and you are perfectly fine.

You aren’t missing me and in fact,

you are happier than you ever were with me.

I am happy you are happy,

please understand that.

I just wish I could be the one inspiring that smile.


Years from now

if you remember me,

please remember the girl you fell in love with

the one whose smile you thought of as infectious

the one whose eyes never left you

the one who you never wanted to spend a minute without

the one who you believed to be so effortlessly beautiful, through and through

the one whose hand fit perfectly in yours

the one who believed you were everything

the one who you said was a work of art

the one whom you convinced love was real and fell into love with

the one who though was flawed, was still worth it

the one you loved.

Remember me as who I am



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