We Are Chaos

We are chaos.

We fall apart just to fall back into each other.

Our muscles are sore and cramping from trying to keep up

and the world is spinning as our dizzy heads refuse to settle.

There are moments of complete, entire bliss.

We find a safe little latibule to reside within,

at least before the next paroxysm sends us into orbit again.

We have never been clean cut and polished.

From the very moment we began we have been chaos.

We met as a grenade and a hurricane.

We were never simple nor easy, nor will we ever.

Instead of a spring breeze against freshly mowed grass,

we are the violent winds, pushing after each other around and around, creating hurricanes and tornados.

We are the hammering rain on metal roof tops and the crackling lighting illuminating the night.

It isn’t easy.

It becomes so draining to the point where we each feel rather lifeless

but my god is it beautiful when we come together.

We are chaos.



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