Sunrise {Chapter Four}


A playlist. She needs a playlist. Eleanor is always stuck in her headphones and while I know she hears, listen, and cares about what I say, I know the truest way for her to get it is through music. I need to find 12 songs that express what my mouth can’t.

“Eyes Of Blue: A Playlist”

Home Is Such A Lonely Place Without You ~ Blink-182

Oh Ms. Believer ~ Twenty One Pilots

Angels ~ The xx

Lego House ~ Ed Sheeran

Something Good Can Work ~ Two Door Cinema Club

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV ~ Twenty One Pilots

She ~ Elvis Costello

Shirtsleeves ~ Ed Sheeran

Fallingforyou ~ The 1975

Hey Jude ~ The Beatles

Sarah Smiles ~ Panic! At The Disco

Alone Together ~ Fall Out Boy

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