We used to be like the stars and the moon;

constantly together, always to be found in one another’s arms.

You shone delicately as you rose each evening into the inky night sky

and I followed.

I looked so tiny, so minuscule compared to you,

but you assured me otherwise.

You were there for me in my darkest hours and I always loved you still in yours.


Now, I have become the sun.

You have remained the moon.

We never see each other,

we never cross paths.

There are times when we come so,so close

like when you stay out until 7 A.M. on a summer morning just to reassure me you are still there.

But we never touch,

we never intersect.

I have become this source of light for those around me but I don’t know how to do it this way,

I don’t know how to do this without you.


When I lay to rest at night in the soft terrain,

I look up and I see you.

I see you glistening in my darkest hours and when I need you the most.

Some nights, things are overcast and you are no longer visible

and those are the nights on which I do not rise the next morning.


I feel gravity pull me back down by my toes as I try to stay awake, to stay up a little longer to see you.

I can see you experience the same as you rest in the sky for an extra hour on occasion.


As the sun and the moon,

we are never together

but at the same time,

we never left.

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