Playlist For “We Were Liars”

One of my favorite books is “We Were Liars” (I have written and raved about this marvelous book multiple times). I thought I might combine two of my favorite things; literature and music. I created a playlist with songs I thought fight the novel and provided a sentence or two as to why I chose that song. Here is a Spotify link if you want to listen that way!


Alice – Biana Ryan

I feel like in this song, “Alice” could be Mirren, Cadence’s cousin. The song give off the light, delicate, joyous vibe that Mirren gives and the lyrics hint at a bit of mystery.

When We Were Young – Adele

This song is a nostalgic love ballad, and I feel it could be heard through Cadence’s point of view towards Gat, whom she adores while also giving the feeling of missing how things were when they were younger.

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

This songs plays on the sense of home that Cuddledown provides for the four “Bigs”. It’s somewhere they have always known and it’s where they grew up. It’s there safe haven.

She Had The World – Panic! At The Disco

Aside from being one of my favorite songs, I do feel this song would fit quite beautifully in this playlist. It could be heard from Gat’s point of view and he could be referring to Cadence.

From Afar – Vance Joy

This song is about a love that has been separated/blocked because it isn’t seen as acceptable or friendship gets in the way.  I think it lends itself to the book in the way Gat and Cadence can never truly be together because of their families and the discomfort between the four “Bigs”.

All I Want – Kodaline

Near the end of the book, I feel this would be the song that would most purely describe how Cadence is feeling.

The Quiet – Troye Sivan

Throughout the novel, Cadence is in the dark and unable to remember what had happened the last time she was at Cuddledown. I feel this song portrays that desperation she felt as she tried to figure out what had happened and what she couldn’t remember.

Heal – Tom Odell

If “We Were Liars” was to be made into a movie, I feel like this song would be playing during that part of the book. Those of you who have read it know which part I am alluding too.

Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez

This song fits with the moments when Cadence and Gat are together. Not in a group of people or arguing; when they are simply existing together. I feel like it was in those moments Cadence fell deeper in love than she realized.

Forest Fires – Axel Flovent

There is a certain line in this song that goes “I’ll be there in the summer ’cause your heart isn’t safe.”  This song feels as if it would be a lullaby Gat would sing to Cadence.

Wonder – Lauren Aquilina

Cadence is infatuated with Gat, or the idea of him to some extent throughout the novel. This song seems to perfectly capture Cadence’s voice on how Gat is all she sees.

Angels – The xx

Like the previous song, I feel like this one also captures Cadence’s infatuation with Gat.

Long Way Down – One Direction

Before you skip over this song entirely because “it’s just a basic boyband”, here me out. The song is beautifully written to start with and I feel it portrays the way the four “Bigs” feel towards the end of the book.




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