And to you, I say goodbye.

Goodbye to your toxicity, your need to make me feel worthless.

Farewell to your self hatred, it seeps through your skin and onto my own.

So long to your mindset, believing things will never get better regardless.

To you, I say goodbye.

I will free myself from your long, suffocating locks

Air will fill my lungs once again and it will not be poisoned.

I will let myself love.

The chains around my heart will loosen as I realize I only had you to fear.

I will open the cages you have built around my mind.

New ideas and perspectives will flood before my eyes, and I will see things I never knew.

I will let myself be happy.


And to you, I say goodbye.

You held me within your grasp for 4 years, your grip slowly getting stronger.

What you didn’t know, though, was

I was getting stronger, too.

I cut pieces of you away from me,






You took some of me with you

but those were the pieces I did not need.

I am now left here,

soon to be without you

and soon to be on my way to discover myself.

You see, I have learned that things are never entirely broken,

no matter how damaged they seem.

With patience, all things can be healed.

So now to you, I say goodbye.

-a letter to who I used to be

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