I saw a picture somewhere on on Twitter that read

Do you ever wonder how an author would describe you? Not only your appearance but the way you talk and laugh and hold yourself and all the expressions on your face?”

It really intrigued me. My first thought was to send a mass message out to my friends and family saying something along the lines of

Hey! I am doing a blog post about people’s perspectives of one another from an author-esque standpoint. Do me a marvelous favor and describe me (everything from my appearance, the way I walk, the way I laugh, to my style and my voice. Everything!) and I will write a responding paragraph or two describing you!”

So that’s exactly what I did.

u dress like taylor swift met halsey and u walk like a soft little kitten who’s secretly badass but is too polite and quiet to do so. u talk like u were raised in london but without the accent. and ur eyes get super duper squinty when u laugh and it’s u look like a panda that was just born. oh and when ur tired u curl up into a little ball and I don’t think u know this but u stick ur tongue out a little when u yawn so u look like a puppy. and yeah, that’s it.


Arden. She’s lively. She can befriend anyone. She has this amazing, contagious laugh that will make you smile as soon as you hear it. She colors her life with music and if you ever get the chance to step into her world you’ll see life a whole new way. She has this beautiful, positive impact on people’s lives and I’m so thankful that I can say that she has made one on mine.


I notice her in the corner of my eye, she’s moving slowly as if calculating each step. Her blonde locks fall gently around her face–just barely touching her shoulders. Her face twists into a bright smile and as I return the same gesture. Her outfits range from band tees and jeans to short skirts that are adorned with bright colors and shapes. Her voice is clear, diction crisp and eloquent; she speaks with consideration and knowledge, careful to know all the facts before making judgement. You can tell she’s been through much more than you’d think, and yet she wears each scar like a Medal of Honor. She is my best friend, she is “Garden without the ‘g’.


Arden is one of easiest people to become friends with. Once one meets her they will click in one way or another. Arden’s personality is caring, friendly, spunky, and unique. Her short blonde hair is absolutely adorable and her outfits are style goals. She “never goes out of style”. Her huge interest in lots of things makes it so easy to become great friends with her. She can impact one in so many ways. I have only known her for a few months, but it feels like I have known her all my life as she has impacted me in so many ways. Thank you Arden.  


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