Do What Makes YOU Happy

Do what makes you happy. I don’t care if that means getting weird looks in the hallways or down the street or people claiming your choice “affects them.”

If you want to where a dress, do it. Kill that high low chiffon summer dress or deep purple evening gown.

If you want to cut your hair short, chop it off. Slice it to a long bob, a bob, a pixie cut, or even take it all off. You will slay it.

If you want to get a manicure or pedicure, feel no shame. Who wouldn’t want well cared for hands and feet?

If you want to dress in clothing stereotyped for the opposite sex, wear it. Wear all of it. Sweatpants aren’t just for boys and dresses, scarves, and skirts aren’t just for girls. Rock the hell out of your ‘The Walking Dead’ shirt and glittery shorts. Add in some heels or sneakers, also.

If you want to take dance classes or workshop classes, sign yourself up. Just because some classes may be occupied the majority by one gender does not by any means signify that you cannot enroll and benefit from that course.

If you want to be in a relationship with someone of the same, opposite, or of no gender, go right ahead. Your relationships are purely between you and the other person with you. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

Do what makes you so happy your cheeks become awfully sore from grinning and your stomach aches from laughter. You deserve to be filled with such pure happiness every day that you wake up after the second alarm (nobody willingly gets up after the first alarm goes off; beds are always more comfortable in the morning!)

Clothes have no gender.

Colors have no gender.

Classes have no gender.

Hair has no gender.

Gender is a social construct designed to confine us within ourselves. Break it down.

You are free to be happy.

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