The first time watching Tangled, the animated Disney film about Rapunzel, I noticed the resemblance between young Rapunzel to her mother and my mother and I. I have been told for years that I looked like Rapunzel (my lengthy blonde hair) and even more so since the film’s debut in 2010. The animated princess and I both have emerald eyes and mile long blonde hair with sun kissed highlights and natural streaks of brown , as well as spontaneously delicate freckles. Rapunzel’s mother and my mother both have the same rich chocolate hair and coordinating eyes. That alone is simply what the eye can see, though.

In the film, Rapunzel has a beautiful undying love for her true mother, even though for the majority of the film Mother Gothel is the only parental figure she knows. Something inside her loves her true mother and won’t let go, even after 18 years of mystery. Personally, I find that beautiful.

Sometimes I make unexpected observations and I guess this was one of the many! If you have any topic suggestions for me, please feel absolutely free to send them to me through my suggestion box! Sending you love.

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