Aries, don’t forget to breathe.

Taurus, promise yourself to follow through

Gemini, treat yourself the way you want the one you love to treat themselves.

Cancer, at times life will paralyze you and other times it will go by in flashes. Cherish every moment, especially the ones that seem insignificant.

Leo, love yourself before loving anyone else.

Virgo, this pain is temporary.

Libra, part of you knows who you are but the other half is lost entirely. Know you will never fully understand yourself, just as the moon will never understand the sun.

Scorpio, you are never too young for an opinion or too old for a theme park.

Sagittarius, even the most beautiful are flawed.

Capricorn, a life of chaos continues. You can either resist the roller coaster ride and be forcefully dragged behind or close your eyes and brace yourself with a grin, knowing there is no stopping the inevitable loops and mountains.

Aquarius, you never know how close you are to recovery until you get there.

Pisces, dance in the rain and call an old friend. Find yourself in comfort and nostalgia. Collect your fallen pieces.

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