Changing Time

I was naive.

I am aware.

I was full of fear.

I am humbly courageous.

I was hopeful.

I am hopeful.

I was self conscious and uncomfortable in my skin.

I am learning to love the body I’ve been given and accepting my own skin.

I was flawed and hated the flaws.

I am flawed and now know flaws are part of character.

I was in love with nature and butterflies and things that were beautiful.

I am in love with life and the worlds creations, beautiful or not.

I was introverted and kept to myself.

I am introverted but have pushed my boundaries and met amazing people.

I was going to be a teacher or an artist.

I am, or hope to be a write, mother, and happy.

I was Arden.

I am Arden.

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