Rust: Chapter 2

“Recruits, gather up!”

In that moment, I had no idea what I was going into but I felt…something. I was a part of something big, something larger than myself, larger than life. I felt whole and needed, as if I was a part of a family, of sorts. At that time, that’s all I could ever want. There was no pulling me out of that, regardless how rational one was.

“Mercenaries, Assassins, Agents, Companions, Sciences! All gather up into 5 separate sectors. Today we have a new member, a Companion. Because of the previously stated, I will proceed to explain why MSA is a society in which we so strongly believe in.”

“MSA was created for the better of our community, our society, and our world. In order to maintain some form of peace, we must eliminate those disrupting and challenging our goals. We aim for a peaceful, cohesive society without crime, heartache, poverty, and selfishness. Only through MSA can the world achieve that. Therefore, we will strive to represent our generation, those before us, and those to come. We will make a change in this challenged world.”

“Please welcome Scarlett Rayner into The Methusael Society of Assassins. If she has any questions or concerns within this first week, please assist her; every last one of you needed help when you were first inducted in. Now, gather up! Quickly, ladies!”

“That’s Dalinger – well, technically Caitlyn Dalinger, but we refer to our leaders by their lasts as respect. Oh, and I’m Violet, by the way. Violet Peters.” said the 5’5 girl with broad shoulders and crisp autumn leaf hair that fell just below her chin.

“Oh- uh, okay cool. I’m…well I assume you already know. Either way, I’m Scarlett Rayner and I’m in the companion branch. What branch are you in, Peters?”

“Please dear, call me Violet. We’re equals. I mean hardly equals; I am just an agent. All i do, quite literally is sit in my desk collecting information on potential targets while you are sent into their society. You, are incredible. I hardly even know you but the fact that they chose you to be the next Companion is just-”

“Incredible? I’m sorry I just… I don’t even know how I grew to be this age, much less arrive in MSA. They probably picked me as a Companion because it was the only empty slot.”

“Nobody remembers how they got here. It’s kind of always been that way and I assume always will be that way.”

I shuddered. I should’ve known something was up right then, and I like to think somewhere, in the back of my mind, part of me was screaming “NO! BACK AWAY! RETREAT!”,but I don’t think that occurred. I could never’ve fathomed what was to come.

“Companions, follow me! Rayner, join me near the front.” I heard a petite, rather my height, midnight hair and freckled woman exclaim.

I quickly followed the crowd of ordinary looking girls as they followed who I assumed to be our leader. We all had no unique features that combined us together. The Assassins were muscular and stealthy. The Agents were incredibly observant; you could tell who was one just by the way they’d analyze you. The Sciences always were together calculating new formulas and solutions. It was like they were one unit of geniosity. Us Companions, though? It seemed like we were the Hufflepuff of MSA.

“Scarlett? Ah, yes. Hello, Rayner. I am your supervisor and mentor, Celine Walker. I am the head of the Companion branch and will be guiding you through the training process. These other girls have been doing this training for a very extended time, so please, do not feel at all lost or discouraged. They were all fresh meat at first, too.”

“Fresh meat…?’

“It’s just a term we use around here for the newbies. Go join that group with Aspin Ranchers; she is kind but very intimidating. I am sure she will teach you the ropes around here.”

“Aspin? Okay. I’m sure I will get a hang out things soon, I adapt quickly; I’ve never quite had a ‘steady’ life. Oh, and why can’t I remember who I was before MSA? All I know is the feelings I have felt, which is not okay…”

“I can’y talk to you about it, because I simply don’t know either. Go ahead and start training; life may solve itself.”

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