Rust: Chapter 1

Name: Scarlett Rayner

Sex: Female

DOB: 11/25/1998

Height: 4’7

Weight: 101

Blood Type: A Negative

Parents: Unknown

           “Welcome, Rayner. You are the newest recruit to our Companion branch. We have 5 branches here at MSA; Mercenaries, Assassins, Agents, Companions, and Sciences. Each of our branches is specially designed to fit each type of our recruits.”

“The mercenaries are people who are not directly involved in Methusael Society of Assassins. We hire them temporarily to assist us with our opponents.”

“Assassins are incredibly skilled elite beings who we send to directly deal with our targets. Only a select few are chosen for this branch and spend years training.”

“Agents collect information on potential targets and find out data we must know. Without them, we would have no way of functioning.”

“The companion branch is the most dangerous, as you will be sent into our target’s territory to watch, investigate, and become “one” of them. You will find a way into their life and become their main source of human connection, and from there you will deal with them.”

“The Sciences branch are only the highest in our mathematics and science fields. They adapt new formulas to find targets and chemical reactions happening in the targets brain, that make the targets who they are and how they function.”

             “What you must understand, Rayner, is that we are a very hunted society. We are the world’s most guarded secret, as well as the most dangerous. By joining us, you join hundreds of others like you. You must know, that if you in anyway make us known, you will be terminated. We value each and every one of our recruits, but if we are exposed, that puts our entire mission and every member at stake.”

             “Do you, Scarlett Rayner, solemnly swear to keep The Methusael Society of Assassins a secret as long as your heart pounds and blood flows through your veins?”


              “Do you promise to fulfill your duties as a MSA companion, share every detail of data on targets with the assigned members?”


              “Do you understand the consequences if you do not do the previously stated?”


              “Welcome, Rayner. You are now an official member of The Methusael Society of Assassins. The Companions will be your new family and Celine Walker, the head of the Companion branch, will be your mentor and care taker. Best wishes.”

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