Short Stories

I’ve decided I should open up my next phase, or chapter, if you will, of this blog. I (of course) will continue to post poetry and my usual things, but I have decided I shall start a short story collection. There will only be one going on at a time and they may last anywhere from a simple, singular post to several chapters. I am very excited to start this project and will have a new tab specifically dedicated to the stories! I have so many ideas and can hardly contain myself.

My biggest difficulty right now, is finding out where to start. Since I have so many ideas, I simply cannot decide which one to begin. I hope to eventually have a large collection of stories, but it will take awhile to reach that.I am determined to reach and achieve, no matter how difficult it may seem.That’s what I do; I prove myself wrong.

I would LOVE to tell you guys my ideas, but I can’t spoil anything; spoilers are the reader’s enemy. Stay tuned for my short stories and updates!

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