Welcome To The World, Henry

Dearest Henry,

You were born on May 12th, 2015, and I couldn’t be any happier. You are such a beautiful baby boy and have already brought so much joy into our lives. Your mom, my aunt, is incredible. I adore her with every ounce of my soul just as my mother did. It’s a shame you never had to opportunity to meet my mother, but you have her sister as your own mom, and I don’t think it gets better than that. 

I am so excited to see you grow up and into the world I have lived almost 16 years within. Your passions and quirks await our knowledge and we couldn’t be more elated to discover every ounce of who you are. 

Promise me one thing: you will never let an irrelevant opinion impact you. Do what you love and what you want to do. Love deeply and never, ever forget to say “I love you”, and say it with all the meaning of the world. You are so so so loved, and you have hardly been in the world for a day. There will always be people who love you. Never forget that, okay? We love you. 

This world is confusing and a little bit messy, but if I can make it through, I am positive you will not only thrive through, but also make the world your own. Your heartbeat is little and your body is fragile, but mine was at once as well. In no way does that lessen your worth or abilities. Love is power as well as passion, and you have an endless supply. You will always be my cousin, my little “brother”. I adore you so much, never forget that, okay?

I love you. You will find your path in this world. 

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