You Aren’t Nothing 

I see it in you everyday; the subconscious shirt tugging, the nagging insecurity. I see the battle and horrid thoughts clouding your mind. The melody of unrealistic body image plays through your mind all day. Soon enough, it’s the only song you know. I hate seeing you like this, every morning and every day, hating every inch of yourself. You are willing to do anything to rid your frame of anything other than “The Perfect Bikini Body!”. The morning only brings you misery, as you have to face your body in the mirror as you change for the day that you don’t want to start. The thing is, you are worth so much more than that.

Potential fills your veins and pumps through your body with every heartbeat. Effortless love is draining your heart, as you give all those around you every ounce of your affection. Beauty fills your shimmering eyes, whether they are tear flooded or not. They say eyes are the window to the soul, but yours are the locks on the doors. I have seemed to have found the key, and oh my your soul is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. You’ve been hurt and you’ve been scarred. You’ve been wounded and you’ve been traumatized. Depth has found its way into you, filling you with wisdom, affection, passion, and forgiveness. You are an incredible human being whom of which I and many others can only dream of being.

I hope someday you are able to see how beautiful you are, internally and externally. You are an extraordinary soul and I have been so lucky to have you in my life, I hope you can see why.


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