Dear 8 y/o Arden,

Life is simple and everything is grand. I know how much you love your Littlest Pet Shops and Webkinz. You adore your backyard and pool, when you become a mermaid. The playhouse Daddy built all by himself in your backyard is your kingdom. The world is your stage. 

I also happen to know how much you love and cherish your family. Don’t ever hesitate to tell them you love them. Everyone needs a reminder they are loved once and while. 

Keep wearing things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter if someone makes fun of or doesn’t like your flouresent pink capris from Justice; you think they’re comfy and LOVE them. Follow your dreams and passions. If somebody tells you that you can’t do something, prove them wrong. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You are brave and powerful and loved. 

You are beautiful and have so much headed for you in your life. Keep being who you truly are. Do not ever change yourself for some other irrelevant soul. You are so so so loved. 

Trust me

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