“How would you feel if one of your close girl friends was in a relationship with a girl? Would your friendship change?”

If a close friend of mine was in this situation,

In no way would I act differently towards her; she is human. Her genetic makeup didn’t change, it’s the same as it always has been. I would let her know my sexuality, and how it differentiates from hers, but make sure she is fully aware I accept and adore her, just as I always have. Nothing about her has changed; at all. She has always been this way. She simply chose now to tell.

Our friendship, if anything, would be stronger. The fact that she would come out to me had to have taken bizarre amounts of courage, sleepless nights, and adrenaline. Now that she would have that out of her mind, that little boundary has been cleared away. She’d have a barbed wire lifted from her chest and metal weights lifted from her shoulders. The friendship would be as never before, as she’d feel free to be herself completely.

Sleepovers? I would not hesitate to be around her. She understands our friendship and we would have made it clear to each other we are practically sisters. She may fear I would think she is into me or our friends, but I’d make it clear that is no where on my mind. I adore her for who she is; my friend, my “sister”, and my go to girl to tell my puns to.




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