I can’t go into this right now, but if I could, I’d tell you just how special you are. That word is worn out and has lost its significance somewhere along these past decades. You are not ordinary. I simply do not care if you don’t believe so; I know you are. Some people’s responses to that is “Well, the moon and sun would still sink and rise, life would go on.” Yes, my dear fellow humanoid. That is science, gravitational pull, etc. Thing is, for the people in your life, their sun will not glisten through their morning glass of tea and their moon won’t light their way home through the night. Nothing would be the same had you never existed. Imagine every single trace of you ever being wiped from this earth. No second grade finger paintings, no high school diplomas, not even a sliver of a family trace. Your siblings would be entirely different people, as would your parents and grandparents. Your friends? If they had never met you, who knows what sort of situation they’d have themselves in.

My point is, you are special. You have made an impact and you are so loved, clearly or not. Nothing would be as it is now without you.

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