Raw Souls

I feel like the rawest, purest parts of our souls are revealed when we least expect it. It’s not something you can prepare for or sense coming. It spontaneously pours out of your soul uncontrollably, leaving all those around you in awe. Recently, I’ve had another one of those moments. I was messaging a very dear friend of mine and it just spilled out of me before I realized what was happening. Because I love you dearly, I will share the message below.

It’s going to be scary, developing a new relationship. I can promise you that much. Whether it’s with friends, family, or a love interest it’s going to be terrifying. The unknown is…well, unknown. Anything could and will happen. It’s impossible to figure out what will happen. What I’ve learned is you have to live life on the spot, at the moment. Take things as they are and don’t spend too much time dwelling. Life is meant to be lived, not contemplated. We are young, and we need to take advantage of that while we still can. We need to effortlessly laugh and recklessly fall in and out of love. We need to live on the edge, like we are meant to.

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