S e c r e t s

It comes naturally to us to tell others everything we know,
From our favorite summertime fruit to our weakest moments.
Life harshly kicks us in the throat somewhere along the line,
Teaching us to watch our tongues and our surroundings.
All ears crave a connection to the grapevine.
Gossip is their sweet evening sip,
Even an addicting cigarette.
We learn to keep our ears wide open and
our lips stitched together,
never to be released.

She lives the perfect life,
The modern day fairytale.
Unknown to cruelty and strife
Her body, effortlessly frail.
Some envy her ease in the uneasy
Others beg for her success
Never do they think completely,
Never would they guess.
She struts through the halls
uncomfortably aware
Seems they’re waiting for her downfall
As they steadily stare.
Her 95 pound frame trembles,
They don’t know what they see.
She seems so assembled
But that’s far from what she could ever be.

She hides secrets beneath her notebooks
And under the speckled night sky.
Hanging onto the coat hook
Desperately questioning why.
She keeps secrets in her scale
and under the bathroom sink.
Says she simply cannot, must not fail
As inflammation fills her cheeks.
She buries secrets under pillows
And deep, deep in her mind.
Resting cold by the window
To herself, she must remind
“Secrets are to be kept locked,
Meant for one, not two or three.
For if one is ever talked
Then abandonment shall lie with she.”

Dedicated to a dear friend of mine

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