Catastrophic Reactions

As all of you are are aware, I have an irresistible obsession with cats. Lately, I have taken up the hobby of replying to social media messages with pictures of cats, as there is no other way to fully express myself. Please enjoy the following.

The feeling you get after eating well on a holiday

One word: Winter.

When you are on the way to a concert and see the band or their tour bus

Waiting in the movies, trying not to eat the popcorn during the previews

When there is only one piece of cheesecake left

When you graduate one level of education but you have lowerclass friends

when you are locked out of your house in the almost freezing rain, when nobody is home

When you can’t get a cookies and cream milkshake

you and your friends waiting to present a project for the class

When there isn’t enough room at a sleepover

When your favorite song comes on

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