Oh, How You’ve Grown

Oh, how you’ve grown,
My little darling.
Just yesterday you were
prancing around the living room floor
and leaping from couch to couch,
as if the floor were lava.
To you,
the world is your playground.
The only rules are
you can’t pull Sissy’s hair,
say please and thank you,
and have fun.
You are a princess in a kingdom,
a kingdom so wonderful.
It lacked any tragedy
and the only pain it ever felt
was when the chocolate milk wasn’t quite chocolatey enough.
You live in your Mary Janes and your brand new boots.

Oh how you’ve grown,
My little darling.
Now you are running around playgrounds
with all of your friends,
petite as well,
with your stubby fingers
and endless energy.
You have a deep love for learning;
you want to absorb everything around you.
You are excited to get ready for school every morning,
waking up,
putting on clothes that make you happy
not worrying about makeup.
Your teacher loves you and you have nice friends.
Kittens are your favorite,
and you can never resist spaghetti.
Your trademark is your hair length;
cut sharply above the shoulders.

Oh how you’ve grown,
My little darling.
The walls of your bedroom
reflect everything you are.
Bright colors with the things you’re proud of taped upon the walls,
whether it is
good grades or
You love making everything your own.
You have a free mind of your own,
and have discovered your strengths.
That quiet yet spunky girl is still your best friend.
Your hair now meets in inch or so below your shoulders;
it devastates you how slow it grows.
Recently, you have become infatuated with a new band.
They didn’t win, but then again, they kind of did.
Bright colors are always incorperated in your clothing at all times.

Oh, how you’ve grown,
My little darling.
That band?
You still love them,
only even more.
Their music lifts you up
even when nothing else can.
Others may judge you for liking them,
but that doesn’t matter to you.
School has started to change;
more homework,
less friends.
You can handle it though.
You are brave,
you could handle anything.
Books are your outlet from the world.
You read through the night
and constantly at school as well.
You recently got your ears pierced,
so you can always be found sporting a snazzy pair of earrings,
preferably dangly.

Oh, how you’ve grown,
my little darling.
School isn’t as fun as it used to be.
Now, it as all about getting things done
and doing them right.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t love that essay
or if your history report didn’t quite do you justice,
as long as you turn it in on time.
You are still friends with that quiet yet spunky girl from elementary.
Best friends, to be exact.
Life scares you, and so does your future.
You think lace is beautiful,
so you wear it all the time.

Oh, how you’ve grown,
my little darling.
You’ve made mistakes,
And you’ve learned.
You’ve tread miles in other peoples shoes, but everyone is too scared to take a few mere steps in yours.
You are brave.
With time you’ve gained courage.
You look back on your past,
Missing that little girl you used to be,
And wondering if she’d be proud of who you are now.
After all,
You are the only one you can trust,
That band you once fell in love with,
You’re still head over heals for.
Sometimes, you will sit on your rooftop, especially when it’s drizzling or lightly raining.
It brings you peace
And you feel in touch with the world around you.
You have a weakness for milkshakes.

Oh, how you’ve grown
My little darling.
Wiser than most.
Braver than others.
You know your past
And you know what you’ve been through.
Only you know the thoughts that have gone through your mind.
You’ve felt hopeless
And you’ve felt on top of the world.
You know you must find a balance in between,
But for now,
You’re perfectly fine being you,
Not-so-itty-bitty you,

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  1. I believe this may be the most beautiful poem I ever read. It left me speechless. It has been so wonderful to be able to watch your writing change and evolve as you have continued your blog. You are so strong and inspiring and a role model to all young girls out there because you prove that it is possible to bounce back from a tragedy even stronger than before.

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