Behind Closed Curtains

From the sound of her combat boots echoing through the seemingly empty hallways, To the gentle lines of black makeup … More


I miss you And I’m waiting for your return. I’ve become quite impatient But all I want is for you … More

This, I Believe

I used to think we lived without a purpose. We all live, and we all eventually die, thinking our goal … More

Oh, How You’ve Grown

Oh, how you’ve grown, My little darling. Just yesterday you were prancing around the living room floor and leaping from … More

To Dance

My heart is pounding in my throat as I run to take my place in the backstage wing. Shoving and … More

On School

I, since the day I was born, am Mary Arden Stockdell-Giesler. My parents decided to call me Arden, and when … More