Crying In The Candlelight

Crying in the candlelight

She left me here

To question why.

When will I hear her voice again?

Will I ever again see her smile?

Will I wake to find this is all in my brain?

How will she watch me down the aisle?

Crying in the candlelight

Silent tears down my cheeks

The memories are quick to flow

For weeks and


And weeks.

The memories come to my mind

And my vision starts to blur.

Present day is left behind

As I escape to join with her

I remember all our late night conversations

About love,


And death,

But I never thought

She’d so quickly run out of breath.

I go back to all the fun times

Full of smiles and laughter

And little hands flipping dimes

With a princess to quest after

I think to all the moments

When we all felt safe.

Now we lay here all broken.

Vulnerable and unsafe.

The candle is flickering

Like my hope of her coming back

And when it goes out

My soul will be like the room; black.

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