There are moments in my life where I feel deep down in the pit of my soul, that I feel I have found who I am. But those are few, and quite untrue. Most often are those moments where I feel drained, deflated, empty and confused, entirely unsure of who I am. Those moments are the truth. We never fully know who we are, for we are discovering new things about ourselves with every heart beat. The thing is, we know and understand ourselves more than any other soul ever could.
We spend our entire lives, searching for who we are and why. We are infatuated with the idea of belonging. People spend their whole lives, doing everything in their power to find themselves, just to have their whole life wasted and to never discover themselves. The focus needs to be on acceptance and curiosity. We need accept that we are a puzzle, being put together day by day, and we need to crave the knowledge that comes along with acceptance and discoveration.
We are all mysteries. Simply novels with different titles and plots. Our town is a library, full of different genres and authors. We choose how to tell our story. Our summary is how we explain ourselves to others. Some of us choose to give away the whole novel, while others simply state a sentence or two. Everyday in our lives is a new page turned. A new year means a new chapter. The past cannot be rewritten, and the future is coming rapidly.
In the end, it is your choice how you wish to tell your story, and what it shall be. An everyday, over the top mystery, filled with unnecessary drama? A truly passionate mystery about life and inspiring others? A crime mystery where you are always the victim? A mystery full of truth, love, and family? I know what I already chose. You decide yours.

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