I believe that in life, everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is death, heights, water, change, or life itself, the fear always exists within us all.The thing we fail to realize, is that we are not afraid of “water” or “heights,” as we are lead to be believe. We are afraid of something much deeper than a simple label.


We are not afraid of water. We are afraid of drowning and what lies within.

We are not afraid of heights. We are afraid of falling.

We are not afraid of death. We are afraid of our lack of time and what comes after.

We are not afraid of life. We are afraid of the obstacles constantly being thrown towards us.

We are not afraid of change. We are afraid starting over.

We are not afraid of love. We are afraid of being broken.

We are not afraid of trust. We are afraid of the vulnerability.


We are afraid of the things that construct us into who we are. We are afraid to evolve into our skin. The unknown terrifies yet fascinates us. Our lives may not be anything near what we wish, but we cannot bear anymore hardships. We believe that even the slightest thing can tear lives apart, and while it can, when they do not, they will build lives back together. In order for us to become greater, wiser people, we need to know love. We need to know trust. We need to know pain. We need to know terror. We need to know courage. We need to know vulnerability. These things do not come with a simple breath. They come with trial and error, tears and bloodshed, time and effort. We need to take risks and discover, in order to become who we truly are within our souls.


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  1. geez arden that was deep lik woah. its so cool ive never thought about that! woah man lik what! that is awesome! the things that can happen when u really sit down and think about it!

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