When I’m Down

I’m just going to start this post of by saying, I tend to be down a lot, in one way or another. I mean it’s naturally, considering what has happened in my life and that I am entering high school and all that jazz. I have read a lot of posts about people  ranting about being upset, and trust me, I do that, in my poetry notebook. What I have seen a lack of though, is seeing what people do to pick themselves up when they are down, and that is exactly what this post is about.

Whenever I feel upset or feel myself about to be upset, I:

-blast Taylor Swift albums on full volume

-have random spastic dance parties

-write poetry



-specifically, draw on myself

-go on Pinterest


-text my friend Anna, because every conversation with her is immensely hilarious

-tweet my friend Gretchen, because her tweets her pure gold


-take a hot bath with candles, bubbles, and Ed Sheeran playing quietly from my phone

-blast my Spotify playlists at full volume


I hope this was somewhat helpful, and that you may possibly try one of my very arden methods next time you happen to be in an Eeyore mood. Feel free to comment what you do to pick yourself up after a craptastic day!



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